Are you a big BTS fan? By now you should know exactly who these stage names belong to. Congrats!

Hope I cleared it . What is jungkook real name and nickname . 9/10 I was wrong at a simple one but still an ARMY for ever!!!! A man who is connecting reality and sci-fi... We often treat strangers with good temper and... You should not do things exceed your limits. which artist did bts collab with for the remix of "Mic Drop"? How Well Do You Know EViE? HAHAHA. hahahah, Alright so I’m new but somehow I got 6/10 right is it wrong to be scared although I do listen to their songs from the moment I wake up until the time I need to sleep and even have a favorite song which is Blood Sweat and Tears and my ringtone was Butterfly….. But still an A.R.M.Y. i’m an army since 1 year and 2 weeks and i got 10/10 why am i not even surprise lmao, I need to stalk more jks I just didn’t know Jin was in acting major wow I need to step up my game…, 10/10…i kinda guessed on the last one hehe…..I was like,” Woh.

Do you think you know BTS well enough? While the group’s hegemony has been active for a handful of years, things really ramped up with the release of their 2019 EP Map of the Soul: Persona . And what American television show did RM learn English from? Which BTS member are you most like? V. RM. Also my favorite members are Jungkook, Taehyung and J-Hope and I'm not too sure yet but I think I also like Jimin! The Power of the subconscious: You believe, you... We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Or should I say, are you an ARMY? I just like BTS and kpop in general so I learn alot about different groups. (Boy Groups),,,,,,,,,, 7/10. What's this member's band name? Hey there! HARD Only a fan for 2 months and to get a 9.

Persona included the South Korean number one single ‘Boy With Luv’, which features guest vocals from American pop singer Halsey. XD, 10/10 I used to be an over obsessive a.r.m.y, I got 10 too but I am not truely ARMY… Its a easy question of course I can answers it because its just a basic… A true ARMY is know everything about them,right? How well do you know BTS' Jungkook? Add to library 2 » Discussion 1 » Follow » Share . FOR JOBLESS ARMIES. Poll: Who is the best instrumentalist in ONEWE? Iiiiiiiiihhh yeeeeeees Hahahah omg I just love Them , wish my school gave quizzes like this…..10/10 easiest quiz i ever did, this was easy 10/10 Been an army for 2 years now , i’ve only been an army for a month and i got 10/10…. In the end, it is all just for fun Well, are you ready? The boys would be proud of you and so are we!

the questions is too easy. You don't know BTS well enough. true ARMY here, got7 right! Do you know about BTS? BUT WE ALL PROUD OF U OUT THERE.

My ultimate bias is Jungkook and crazily enough we have some things in common and he's not much older then me since I'm 17….. Which members are considered "the maknae line"? So you feel confident and wanna prove your skills? Less than 3 months and i score a perfect 10/10 ^_^

well done! Who used to play the saxophone when he was younger?

.what has my subconscious been doing?? Fighting! This is too easy tho. XD, @bhagirathiojha:disqus You may have watched a lot of BTS MVs, but are you actually able to tell the song just from one single gif? To some including myself I only knew Yeontan.

Which member is known for his legs that would make even SNSD jealous? I was about to answer RM but then remembered their Run Ep. Poll: Which is your favorite song in Dreamcatcher’s [Dystopia : Lose Myself] album? I won’t even say mys score xD. The abbreviation from “Adorable Representative M.C for Youth”, formed ARMY. I didn’t even know about BTS until a month ago and I’m pretty happy with the way I turned out.

kookie/jeon jungkook. if only exams were this easy… I got 10/10, I AM A TRY AMRY I GOT 10 OUT OF 10 I AM SO HAPPY BTS WILL BE HAPPY RIGHT NOW FOR ME, it should come with levels:

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